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hello it’s brian chandler with re max alliance coming to you from douglas
county colorado hope you like my
south park
vintage t-shirt here uh considering
they’re probably going to be open casa
bonita pretty soon the creators of south
park bought that and are going to reopen
that restaurant so a lot of anticipation
people seeing how that’s going to turn
out so what’s happening real estate here
in douglas county we’ve seen a shift
obviously it’s july 2022 and i’m making
this video
and we’re seeing interest rates now at
uh about six percent
so what’s happened is it has taken a lot
of buyers out of the marketplace or
caused them to pause to see what’s going
to happen we’ve seen increased inventory
predominantly because not so many more
homes are coming on the market even
though it’s summertime
that combined with not as many homes
selling so inventory levels are growing
and we’re reaching a longer supply up to
about three months now of supply
we see mortgage applications have
dropped almost 20 percent
from um
the same time last year however we’re
seeing first-time buyers
even in wake of the economic uncertainty
that we have going on right now with
inflation at 9.1 percent they are still
moving forward and represent about 30
percent of the of the sales that are
currently going on so in 2022 uh we had
new listings at 1122 compared to last
year of a thousand fifty seven
a number of units sold uh we are down
right now at 719 units sold compared to
844 last year
the average
sales price however is what we’ve seen
increase dramatically
815 000 is the average sales price in
douglas county compared to
761 000
uh same time last year days on the
market right now are about 15 days on
the average for homes to be on the
market before they’re sold or go under
compared to same time last year being
11. and actually what we saw last year
depending on what month it was some
average days on the market were like
four or five homes were selling so
quickly you just
brought them on the market and over the
weekend you had multiple offers as as
you probably were aware which drove
prices up so we are seeing a stable
stabilization somewhat in home pricing
because more homes are reducing their
prices after they’ve tried it uh based
on previous comparables and what homes
and so forth before in their
and um
there are
more listings that are expiring folks
but i haven’t seen as many expired
listings meaning they came on the market
they tried for
two months three months six months and
they they couldn’t get it sold so if
those homes come back on the market
again they probably are going to drop
their prices which will cause an overall
in the market the shift going downward
is always slower than the shift going
upward of course right just like your
stock market anyway it’s brian chandler
with re max alliance feel free to give
me a call anytime um i do have some uh
books here you might find interesting
one for buyers and that’s to uh secretly
gain an upper hand on your next purchase
or uh for sellers how to sell your home
for more money and different versions of
this book i have available on my website
which is brian’s books
dot m e that’s brian’s b r i a n s books
dot me
so you have a free digital version you
can download there if you want a hard
copy i’m happy to provide you one as
well you can reach me at 720-808-1007
just like
jamesbond1007. so until next time i’ll
keep you up to date with what’s going on
in douglas county but thanks for
watching the video
checking out until next time

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