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Turn Your Backyard Pool Into An Oasis

South Bay summers are hot and seem to last forever. Staying in the air conditioning is one way to stay cool, but no one wants to spend months indoors. A great way to beat the heat is to jump in a swimming pool, and it’s even better when it’s in your backyard. 

Below ground pools are a great way to stay cool in the summer, and there’s no shortage of design options. You can even get creative with the materials and colors, but don’t forget about the landscaping. Your pool needs some foliage to help it blend into your landscape and to make it more inviting for friends and relatives.

When you are ready to turn your backyard pool into a fun and relaxing oasis, here are some design ideas to help you get started. 

Bring the Desert into Your Backyard


You can surround your pool with low-maintenance plants. It brings color to the area and gives it a finished look. Using local plants that thrive in high heat and low water is also environmentally friendly. 

Plants like yuccas have interesting foliage and produce stunning spikes of flowers in the summer. Adding rocks and concrete forms added points of interest. You can choose from all types of shapes and styles. 

Give Your Pool House a Green Roof


Whether you have an expansive pool house or a small one doubling as a storage shed, you can give it a green roof. It’s easier than you may think, and it’s a great way to make your backyard stand out. 

Sticking with native grasses, wildflowers, and sedges helps ensure the longevity of the plants. It also cuts down on maintenance. The green roof will also help insulate the poolhouse keeping it cooler in South Bay summers and warmer in the winter. 

Go Tropical


The hot summers and mild winters characteristic of South Bay ensure a variety of tropical plants will thrive in your backyard. If you are worried about plant debris clogging your filters, there are some low-mess plants that work great around pools. 

Sago palms have an interesting shape, require minimal maintenance, and rarely drop their large fronds. Ginger is another option. The large leaves provide tropical foliage and the large flower spikes are amazing. Don’t forget about colorful lantana, it thrives in the area. It will also attract butterflies you can watch while you’re floating in the pool. 

Don’t Forget About Backyard Lighting


If you haven’t installed lights in your pool, it may be time to start thinking about it. It adds ambiance to your backyard, and it is also a safety feature. 

Along with pool lights, think about other areas in your backyard. Consider installing spotlights to showcase certain plants or decorative objects. Strings of lights around a patio area give it a warm and cozy feel. You can even add lights around palm tree trunks. 

If you also use your backyard for movie nights, you can always dim the lights when you lower your outdoor projector screen

Go Minimalist


Not everyone wants a lush backyard, they can have an oasis without a lot of décor. If neat, clean lines are your preferred design style, you may want to focus on the furniture. 

Look for simple lounge and deck chairs with straight lines. You can also find more eclectic pieces if you have a fondness for conversation pieces. 

The goal is for you to have a backyard you enjoy spending time in, no matter your design style. 

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