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The Advantages of Buying New Home Construction

The Advantages of Buying New Home Construction

It’s a wonderful feeling to move into a home that nobody has lived in before. Every inch of the house was created from scratch with your preferences and tastes in mind. Of course, buying a newly constructed home is not a common practice (in fact, there is actually a home shortage and lack of construction these days), but house hunters are increasingly considering the advantages of their new home to be genuinely new.

Here are just a few:

Your house is built to taste.

Nobody knows what you like better than you do. Buying a pre-owned house means you will have to make some concessions (or even expensive reconstruction). A new-construction home means that you pick out all of your preferences in advance, from the exact type of lighting you want in your kitchen to the type of laser projector you want in your state-of-the-art, custom-made home theater. It’s all up to you.  If you are in search for laser projector, this buyer’s guide might be useful.

You can choose from a fair choice of options.

Sometimes, too much choice is not a good thing. You want just the right amount of choice when choosing design, furniture, and even window length and plumbing fixtures. Having professionals show you a small selection of sensible and attractive options (say doorknobs, railings, patio flooring, and window sizes) can beat a dizzying array of options that may confuse, intimidate or discourage you.

You can create energy efficiency and save money (and the earth!)

Buying an existing home may not guarantee that you will have access to the latest technology when it comes to energy efficiency. Planning a home from scratch can allow you to choose the very latest smart and green devices that are specifically created to save energy, money and your carbon footprint. These innovations can include smart thermostats and window shades, LED lighting and EnergyStar-approved air conditioning.

Less maintenance.

No house is perfect, but a brand-new house may be more durable and stronger than a house that has seen its share of wear and tear. That may mean less stress and money spent. New construction builders often offer warranties of different lengths and purposes — be sure to ask about them. After all, this house may be the biggest purchase you ever make.

Keep in mind that a newly constructed home is not cheap. Having a house built your way comes with a price. However, since you have control over the cost, you can work toward keeping it under control and under budget. Before you make even one buying decision, be sure to have a budget — and stick to it. Don’t be tempted by additional amenities and flashy impulses. Create a plan and stay with it, no matter what.

You can DIY some of the work.

If you’re handy with tools — or know a friend who is — you may be able to save on some of the construction and installation labor you would otherwise have to pay for. Check with your bank first — some items are required to be installed before you can be approved for a loan — often a kitchen sink, for instance.

Bottom line:

A newly constructed house could be the dream home you’ve been wishing for, but before you take the plunge, make sure you have all the facts. When researching new construction teams, do your due diligence, and learn everything you can about the construction process. Find out about the builder’s history, and whether or not incentives and upgrades are offered. You may also want to find a realtor who is well versed in this type of home buying, who can help you navigate through the transaction.


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