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Sell Your Home Without A real Estate Agent

Should You Sell Your Home Without A Real Estate Agent?


Selling your home without help from a real estate agent doesn’t seem complicated. All you need is a For Sale sign in your yard. Soon, interested buyers are knocking on your door, and within a few weeks, the sale is finalized. Some homeowners get lucky, and selling their property is this easy. However, the majority of sellers run into a few challenges.

If you are thinking about going the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) route, there are a few things you need to know about the process.

There is a lot of Research


Brian's Real Estate BooksHow do you know what your home is worth? You need this information to set an asking price. Setting the price too high will push potential buyers away. Selling your house for below market value often means you are losing money on the deal.

Finding your home’s value requires research and a general understanding of today’s housing market. Download the FSBO Book for free now.

Real estate agents have an advantage. They have access to comparative market analysis. The tool helps them estimate a property’s value based on the current housing market. They can see what similar properties are selling for, giving them an idea of your listing price.

Don’t forget about the paperwork. It’s your responsibility to get all of the documents together and ready for closing.

Advertising is Crucial


ads on social mediaFor Sale by Owner signs are a start, but it’s rarely enough to attract interested buyers. Real estate agents have access to listing resources, making it easier for them to garner interest in a property.

You can create ads for digital and print. It can be an effective way to advertise your home.

The ad should only contain information about the home. For example, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You also want to include the square footage and any amenities like a swimming pool or solar-powered generator.

Creating live tours is another way to advertise your home. Potential buyers can tour your home from their couch. Something to consider before positing online is your home will be visible to anyone clicking on the link. Not everyone taking a virtual tour may be interested in buying your home.

Be There for Every Open House and Private Showing


Your real estate agent is responsible for your open house events and private showings. With an FSBO, it’s up to you to arrange the events.  

Selling your home without professional assistance means you are hosting every open house and private tour.

You can skip the open house if you have an immersive virtual tour posted online. Private tours are a little different. You want to schedule as many as possible.

During the private showing, you want to act like a tour guide. Point out items of interest but also allow buyers to ask questions about the property.

Are You Ready to Negotiate with Potential Buyers?


Potential Home Buyers

Homeowners often dream of watching bidding wars between multiple buyers. It does happen, but most home sellers quickly learn they need to be flexible about the price.

Instead of a bidding war, you will probably be negotiating with interested buyers.

Before putting your home on the market, already know the lowest price you can take. You also want to think about what you are willing to include in the sale. It will make the negotiations go more smoothly.

Bottom Line

Homeowners willing to put in the work can sell their homes without help from a real estate agent. Don’t forget, you also need to make time for private showings and at least one open house.

If you are interested in selling your home without a real estate agent, we can still help. Our licensed brokers can help you navigate the complicated listing and selling processes.

In such a difficult situation, you need the assistance of a professional who is kind and compassionate. You want to work with a real estate agent who understands your situation. So, when looking for a real estate agent, make sure you hire a professional who understands his/her clients’ situation.

Real estate agents are indispensable when it comes to buying and selling properties. They will help you complete the whole process quickly and efficiently. If you hire an experienced, licensed, and certified real estate agent, you won’t have to worry about the above-mentioned things.

Real estate pro Brian Chandler of RE/MAX Alliance Group is a top producer and sales trainer located in the Parker, Colorado, area. Whether you’re buying or selling, team up with Brian today! 720.808.1007

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