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Improve Your Home With Smart, Simple Renovation Tips

Improve Your Home (and Its Value) With Smart, Simple Renovation Tips


Home renovations are a huge undertaking, and there’s so much to learn about the process and possible pitfalls. Take these smart, simple renovation tips from Realtor Brian Chandler into consideration before starting on your next home improvement project. Contributed by Suzie

Always Add a Buffer to Estimates

Health Savings AccountWhether estimating time or financial outlay, it’s smart to add a buffer to all of your home renovation projections. Especially with increased supply costs and logistics to sort out, it’s safe to assume your project will cost more and take longer than expected. If it does come together on time and under budget, it will be an appreciated surprise.

That being said, there’s plenty of software options out there that can help you create a more accurate estimate and stay within budget. For instance, special software for construction takeoffs can help with generating more precise budget estimates and allow for more accurate bids. You can click here for more info to get started.

Remodeling for More Square Footage is a Win

Grow your business at homeAdding more usable space to your home’s floor plan is an excellent reason to remodel. Whether you want to finish a basement or remove a wall for an open kitchen-dining area, the more square footage and open space, the better.

However, upgrades like finishing the basement or building an add-on will require creative thinking (and professional help) when it comes to HVAC rerouting. Energy efficiency becomes challenging in larger homes, so starting with your heating and air system will start the project off strong.

Select Smart Flooring Choices

Flooring can make or break your home’s style, but it’s also a comfort consideration. Soil-resistant laminate or vinyl are affordable replacement flooring options that require less upkeep than carpet, notes Angi, meaning you won’t need to replace them as soon.

Wood and tile flooring are high-end alternatives at higher price points but stand to increase your home’s value even more.

Custom Tailor a Home Office

Home Office SpaceWork from home is here to stay, but your workspace needs more than a place to sit and rest your laptop. Plus, a home office may boost the property value whether you plan to sell or refinance, now or later.

When it comes to outfitting your work area, aim for a quiet area of the home with plenty of natural light. If the only available corner is dark or cramped, however, good-quality overhead lighting can make all the difference. Energy efficiency is also crucial for saving on work-from-home expenditures.

Review Interior Design Elements

You may not have a background in interior design, but you probably know what you like. The challenge often lies in tying multiple elements together; creating balance is a central theme in interior design.

Proportion and scale are also essential for designing functional and aesthetically pleasing decor. Choosing to keep things simple is one option, or you can outsource the interior design to trusted professionals. Check out our other article on affordable home renovations.

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