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How Real Estate In Denver Colorado Has Shifted

Buyers are becoming very valuable in this market.

Here in the South Denver metro area, we have experienced a shift in real estate. Similar to most of the country we have seen our Market go from an extreme seller’s market to 1 that has flattened out. Within the last couple of years, if you have a listing on the market, it was pretty much a done deal with multiple offers the very first few days on the market.

 In today’s market, we are looking at the buyers being more valuable than sellers almost. With interest rates now hovering around 7%, there are few buyers on the marketplace or those willing to move forward with the purchase. The ones that are willing to be part of the marketplace are able to negotiate a lower price and some situations and do not have to waive any contingencies that would be a normal part of a home purchase.

Realtors Dilemma

Brian Chandler Parker RealtorSo as a realtor, we need to shift our attention to buyers because we have listings that are not selling, there are more expired listings coming on the market now than we’ve seen in the last few years. In some situations, sellers need to sell. In other situations, they just desire to cell in either move up, move down or move away.  So with that being said, we need to direct our marketing efforts to buyers. and as most of you may be aware, most buyers start their search for homes online. So, we need to go to where the buyers are in an effort to assist our Sellers and get their listings sold. The market has become competitive however we have seen hundreds of thousands of realtors in the nation leave the industry.

 I personally entered sales in 1977 and started my real estate career then. Therefore, I have seen quite a few different marketplaces. I seen inflation, recession, 3% interest rates, 18% interest rates, housing crashes, seller’s markets, buyer’s markets, and the like. The one thing that I can tell you is that in all of those marketplaces homes are still sold. Buyers wanted to buy and sellers want to sell. Our job is Realtors where to find a way to accommodate that on behalf of our clientele.

living in parker colorado relocationIf you are looking to enter the real estate market today in 2022 and are looking to buy or sell, I’d like to offer my services to you. Be sure that you will have someone with the knowledge and experience to deal with whatever Marketplace comes forth. I educate myself on a daily basis to keep the pulse on the industry and what the public is dealing with. Obviously, you’re looking at higher costs involved with day-to-day living from gasoline to groceries in addition to now hiring for mortgages if you were to acquire a property now. On the bright side, normally during the recession, we see interest rates decline. Most recently we saw the feds increase rates that have caused mortgage rates to double this year alone. So if next year or the following year we see that interest rates start to decline, buyers who took advantage of the marketplace today, even if they paid 7% interest most likely were able to negotiate a better price. Now with interest rates coming down there are able to refinance to the lower interest rate and were able to accomplish their goals of moving and purchasing a home.

 I can be reached add 720-808-1007. I personally reside in Parker Colorado. Feel free to call or text me anytime with any real estate needs.

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