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Homebuyers Want You To Create A Great First Impression! Here’s How!

Easy Tips on Creating A Great First Impression for Buyers!

Curb appeal helps with a first impression

If you are considering selling your home, first impressions can go a long way. Prospective buyers can create opinions quickly! Here are some tips on creating a great first impression for your home.

  • Start with your landscaping. Make sure your lawn is mowed and neatly trimmed. Get rid of any grass that may be growing between sidewalk cracks. Trim bushes.
  • Make sure your entrance is impeccable. Your main entrance is where extra time may be spent while a Realtor prepares to unlock the door. The prospect has nothing else to do but look around, inspecting every detail.
  • Clean rugs and carpeting. This will help create a fresh smell and appearance. It will be worth it to pay a professional.
  • Tidy up closets and cupboards. Don’t leave closets or cupboards looking full. You want to create the impression of spaciousness and packed closets do the opposite. Store unneeded items if necessary.
  • Re-caulk around sinks and tubs. A new bead of caulk has an amazing effect on the look of bathrooms and kitchen. It is inexpensive and easy to do and can make a nice impression.
  • Make sure windows and sills are spotless. Don’t just clean the glass; make sure window sills and frames are looking good. See if windows open and close easily.
  • Check lights and switches. If any light bulbs or switches aren’t working, fix or replace them. Make sure switch areas are free of hand or fingerprints.
  • Remove personal items. Too many personal photos or collectibles can make it tougher for a prospect to “see” the home as theirs. Pack away those personal items and get ready for your move.
  • Do whatever you can to create an airy feel. Open blinds and drapes. Leave room doorways open. Remove clutter. Remove any odors.
  • Think about what sold you on the house. Think back about what attracted you to buy the house in the first place. Make sure these aspects are accented.

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