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Top 10 Things Today’s Homebuyers Want Most in A Home?

Update KitchenIn a recent study by, homeowners noted some of the main things they would change about their homes to make them more livable.

Not surprisingly, more space, an updated kitchen, and a home gym rose to the top of the list.

If you’re thinking of selling this year, having these items in your listing might make your house more desirable than ever to potential buyers.

Top 10 Things Today’s Home Buyers Want Most in A Home?

1. Modern, Updated Kitchen.
2. Bathrooms.
3. Number of bedrooms.
4. Accessible and dedicated laundry space.
5. Storage. People have stuff. Stuff needs space. Most buyers tour a home looking at the overall storage possibilities.
6. An Organized Garage.
7. Outdoor Living Spaces.
8. A Home Office
9. Energy efficiency
10. Upgraded Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans.

Additional Homebuyer Stats

Top 10 Things Today’s Home Buyers Want Most in A Home?Continuing from last year, in this year’s report is the segmentation of the Millennial generation: buyers 22 to 29 years (Younger Millennials/Gen Yers) and buyers 30 to 39 years (Older Millennials/Gen Yers). Millennials still made up the largest share of home buyers at 38 percent: Older Millennials at 25 percent and Younger Millennials at 13 percent of the share of home buyers. Eighty-six percent of Younger Millennials and 52 percent of Older Millennials were first-time home buyers, more than other age groups. Buyers 40 to 54 (Gen Xers) consisted of 23 percent of recent home buyers. Buyers 55 to 64 (Younger Boomers) consisted of 18 percent of recent buyers and buyers 65 to 73 (Older Boomers) consisted of 15 percent of recent buyers. Buyers 74 to 94 (The Silent Generation) represented the smallest share of buyers at six percent.

All generations of buyers continued to utilize a real estate agent or broker as their top resource to help them buy and sell their homes.

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