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Affordable Renovations to Transform Your Home Today

Are you starting to wistfully browse interior decor sites and think about how your home in Parker, CO could use an upgrade and renovations…but you just don’t have the budget for it right now? What many people don’t realize is that sometimes the most simple changes can completely transform your home. And most of them won’t break the bank. Here are just a few low-cost improvements you can make to your home today. 

Redo the Walls

A fresh coat of paint transforms a lifeless room. There are plenty of resources to help you pick a color, or color combination, to complement the space perfectly. If you have a friend who has an eye for this, invite them around. They’ll be delighted you want their opinion. 

Once the room is painted, add some DIY crown molding for some extra charm. Installing lightweight molding is an easy home improvement project, and self-installation cuts your costs massively. Finally, get some large artwork up on the wall. Thrift shops offer large, unique wall hangings and paintings for a low price. In three easy steps, your room is transformed. 

Change the Lights

Lighting makes a huge difference to any space. Adding or changing light fixtures is often a simple and low-cost way to improve the aesthetics of any room. Swap a boring bulb for a beautiful pendant or chandelier light fixture to immediately add more interest to your bedroom, living room, or dining room. 

Consider task, accent, and ambient lighting in your home. Ambient lighting is the general lighting that illuminates your home. Add wall, table, and standing lamps to achieve all three. You can easily find pre-loved lamps for budget prices online with Facebook Marketplace and eBay. 


Add Greenery

One of the most overlooked methods of breathing fresh life into a home is to literally add life to the home. Plants don’t just add a beautiful touch of color and greenery; they increase your mood and air quality too. And they can be inexpensive with some patience and effort. Snake plants, Jades, and Cacti are all low maintenance and easily survive the dry winters in Parker, CO.

People often give away plants when their collection becomes too big. Keep an ear out for this with your plant-obsessed friends. Or, many are happy to give away cuttings. You can plant these using some low-cost pots and soil. Set them near sunlight and care for them, and soon you’ll have your own collection of plants to bring life to your home for almost no cost at all. 

Bigger Upgrades

If you decide you want to make bigger upgrades, you can find the money to do so by refinancing your home. A home improvement refinance pays off your old loan with a new one that also takes out additional money to be used for upgrading your home. If you refinance, house improvements are made more accessible, talk to your bank or mortgage broker about it.

Add Value

Renovations, no matter how small, add value to your life by making you happy with your home, and they add value to your property, as well. If you choose to relocate, Brian Parker offers expert advice on selling in Parker, CO.

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